Years of fooling around, making stuff, doing, fixing, putting together, designing, experimenting, trying, failing, researching, teaching & learning.



Studies in jewelry making, wood carving, various casting techniques and product design, London.

Masters degree from the Industrial Design Department, RCA, London, 1980

Professor of Industrial Design, HIT Holon Institute of Technology.


Extensive professional/commercial experience in the design of furniture systems and accessories for the advanced work environment, design management and startegy development. Design work and products have been exhibited and manufactured world wide.


Special interest in the issue of the designer/maker,  design as a form of cultural and personal expression. Design of expressive products,  Ready Mades and products exploring recycled and reused elements. Making the most out of the least, minimum intervention, maximum effect.


Currently involved in design as a tool for social change, impacting personal quality of life and exploring alternatives to mass consuming.



Conducted numerous design workshops  in various countries including India, Turkey, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Slovenia, Israel and more.